October 20, 2015 Observation

image1This week, our plant has grown quite a bit. It now has two leaves, and is much taller. There is only one plant still in it there though. One leaf had died, and there are sprouts coming from the bean. The plant is 13.4 cm., and it grew .4 in comparison to the previous week. There is condensation still above the soil and right above the water. The plant has grown some more. The newer parts have much darker and brighter green leaves. The old part of the plant is browning and appears to be slowly dying. Our assumption from last week that our snail was deal still appears to be true. The snail is not moving, and isn’t showing any signs of life. The water does not have as many particles floating around this week, however it is still not as clear as when we first put the water. Our water level is 15.5 centimeters which is a decrease of .4 from last week.

Drawing of Terrarium
Drawing of Terrarium

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