Final Observation November 10, 2015

This week, our water is extremely clear. The plant inside the water is still growing. It has more green new parts that appear to be curling around in the water. The water level hasn’t changed at all this week. We are wondering if that is because the plants in the soil haven’t been growing this week. The plants at the top of the terrarium look the same as they did last week. There isn’t as much condensation in the bottle this week. The soil looks still moist from the string in the water. The plant that sprouted up last week hasn’t changed. This may be because last week it had already reached the top of the terrarium, so there is no where else for it to grow. There is still a small amount of mold on the first plant that we had.


November 6, 2015

We have two very large plants in the top of our terrarium. However, one of the plants has mold on it and appears to be dying. The other plant has some new leaves that have sprouted all the way to the top of the bottle. The leaves of the moldy plant are pressed against the side of the bottle, and appear withered. The water looks slightly clearer than last week. The plant in the water has grown quite a bit, and is curled all around the inside. It is very green on the newer parts, and skinnier than the older portions of the plant. The snail didn’t reincarnate. The water level did decrease slightly again. There is still condensation on the top of the bottle and above the water.